Diary of a Scene Queen endlessblack



So you are curious who I am?

I am called Jade, that's not my real name but in the net i'm only known under the name of Jade. I hope you don't mind that I won't tell u my real name but if you do so I don't care :P

Right now I'm sweet 16. I'm turning seventeen in the end of september.

I'm livin' in Germany in the federal state Hessen if someone of u know.. of course the most of u does because this is an german provider... whatever... as you can see in the header I'm a proud redhead, if i get some time i'll put a picture online. I'm nearly 5,8" tall (and proud of it) i think I'm quite skinny so i wouldn't define myself as ugly of course not just because of the fact i am skinny. I do not belong to those people who admire the "trend" size zero

My favorite band of the moment is 30 seconds to mars (and not only because of the numinous Jared Leto who happens to be my personal sex god) followed by My chemicale romance (no I'm not emo!) with the incredible Frank Iero <3 . But at the moment they're both beaten by die Ärzte. Since I saw their live concert at rock am Ring I'm totally in love with their way making music and performing.  I also love Placebo and my other favourite bands/musicians are: Plain White T's, Hellogoodbye, The White Stripes, Dashboard Confessional, Linkin Park, Beatsteaks, Good Charlotte, The Goo Goo Dolls, Blink 182, Kaiser Chiefs, Sunrise Avenue, Garbage, Rammstein, Christina Aguilera (ooooh.. what a disgrace but i stick to it - she has an amazing voice), Nightwish, Within Temptation, Evanescences, The Killers, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Nirvana, No Doubt, Simple Plan and many many more. (Of course i listen also to Hip Hop and stuff like that, but more seldom and I have no musician there who i would really count to my favourites... maybe justin timberlake, but his new album really disappointed me)

I'm the type of girl who likes to talk a lot and to talk very fast if there is much stuff to tell. I absolutely looooovvvee working with my Photoshop as you can see in the stuff section.
I'm a huge model fan and the names Pivovarova, Vodianova, Stam and Ward seem very ordinary to me. Because of that I'm very into that whole fashion thing... if i ever get the money i'll buy me some versace dress <3333 or enlarge my collection of make-up

If you are a bit scared now i can gave you the all-clear: I am not a fake or a girly-girl.. I'm just as ordinary as all of u. Oh.. and I'm terribly lazy^^ my favorite word is either "in a moment" or "tomorrow". I'm a huge dancing fan (!) and i think guys who can dance are totally sexy *rrrrr*

sooo hope u know me a bit better know



That wasn't enough? Really? Can't you still get enough of me?

Okay.. so to get to know me another bit better I'll give you a list of groups I joined in the last couple of months at a website called SChülerVZ. *tries now to translate them all*

"Yeah, i know you want me... line up there in the queue"

"Oh my god they killed kenny" - "You Bastards!"

I do not smoke because there are cooler ways to die.

1990 an age group like no other one.

30 seconds to mars

Adobe Photoshop Creativity&Design

Arthur est un perroquet

ouhh you gratant hip hop guy - your handy music in the bus sucks!

chuck norris gets 20% off at praktiker

the ultimate model fan group

don't forget to gloss - Make-Up and styling

ehhm, did i sort of misbehave yesterday?

just nod and smile

Grey's Anatomy

 guys that play the guitar are f*cking sexy!!

H&M addict

 help! my neighbour lives next door!

I did what? Shut the fuck up, no I didn't.. I did? fuck.

I love Frank Iero


I love icons

 I don't like 30 seconds to mars only because of Jared leto

No I don't take drugs - I AM LIKE THAT

I'm pretty AND i read  books

I even sing along the instruments in songs

I am typing 2+8 in my calculator

I pull doors on which is written in big letters PUSH

I can never wait until my nail polish is dry

intelligent, pretty, ambitious - and for these reasons single! 

Jared Leto - my personal Sexgod

Johnny Depp wants wild Sex with me.... or was it the other way round? 

Boys are complicated

My closet is full but I got nothing to wear

My humor is as black as the Malboro Man's lungs

Monday.. every week the same shit 

Tomorrow i start learning

msn owns icq

men who can dance are great

Photoshop makes you look sexy!

Red hairs, freckles..

redheaded and proud of it!

rpg addicted

confident appereance with total ignorance 

dancing makes life better

club of upcoming world rulers

who the hell is this LAN and why has he so much parties

forget, to push down, to stumble, to race round

when do i finally die for not redirecting all those chain letters?

When I was your age - pluto was a planet

where are the tall guuuuyyyss? 


so enough from me... muhwa! love you all guys! 

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