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the wonderfully creative title of this day's entry

I hate titles on blog entrys. I can never imagine of something good and creative but writing all the time just "..." bores me so I'll have to think of something else to fill the emptyness in my mind.

Well, yesterday has been indeed very funny . We were like 7 or 8 people and we were having a quite nice talk and everything. Oh and we laughed a lot (most of the time about absolutely stupid things.. .well acohol, especially tequila and liqueur 43 with milk, is truly a thing to lift your spirits.

I found my list again on which I wrote possible subjects to blog about. Like important things comme red lipstick  or bad and bad boys (Besides.. i don't know anymore what the hell I meant with this.. hmm gonna imagine something...)  Another good subject would be the "just-be-yourself-lie" I mean how can you possibly be just yourself when you have no idea how you are when you are just yourself.

You see, just my daily soul waste. But since I got too much time because i have summer holidays and stopped playin' rpg's for a while. AND I am making mood Icons right now with some awesome pics i found on tfs.

song of the moment: dixie chicks - not ready to make nice

 yeah and i am not ready to make nice, too. I'm still mad at Daniel even if we only made out twice but such an asshole *grrrrr* why do I always like those boys? Why can't I discover some really nice guy who treats me good? (And who is hot)

 see u and love u


11.7.07 23:53

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