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Hey Guys

It's been almost a month since my last entry so I'll try to sum up what has happened in this time.

----- super fast retrospection of the last month ----

First of all, the whole thing with Daniel is officially over now. I spent the first week after Italy with chatting and talking with him and we get along very well. Two weeks ago, on Tuesday, there was our graduation joke - we spent the whole night at our school with funny things like drinking and breaking and entering.

Well, Daniel was also there and how does it usually ends when there is alcohol and a bit of love involved? Right we started making out. So far so good, there's nothing wrong with that but on thursday evening - only two days (or one day, if you take the night from tuesday to wednesday as one) later he wrote me on msn. "Oh I got a huge problem. I feel so bad - tuesday should have never happend because i am still attached to my ex-girlfriend."

That should have made me wiser but as stupid and naive as I am i believed him that he felt really bad and didn't wanted this to happen. I cried nearly two hours until my friends really cheered me up with things like how you can measure a boy's cock's length on the basis of his size of shoes.

On Friday evening there was our graduation and I felt really fine again. Everyone told me how good i looked and everything so I really thought "haha Daniel see what you're missing right now" . In the hall he sat right behind me but I just ignored him and talked with Jonas when i was turning around. Apart from that I was too nervous to think too much about him because i was presenting the "show" together with two other girls called Laura and Hannah. Everything went just great - everyone liked me on the stage and i won the prize for the best grade average - > 1,0 i still can't believe it. Never thought that I would be t h i s good one time but here I am.

After the show i managed to almost down two glasses of sparkling wine before me and my class made our way to the pub. But surprise, surprise - who was also there? Of course, Daniel and some of his mates. Well, I decided that we could be friends and sat down next to him to watch some pictures. Well before i am talking too long i'll better shorten that evening. We were making out again. I had asked him about his ex-girlfriend and he thought about it and it would be definitely over. Later he also said we would be officially a couple now.

As you can imagine I was really happy and it was an evening just perfect. I still think so, that evening was really perfect. The next evening there was a party down there in Engenhahn. My so called ex-boyfriend was also there and my best friend said he did search for me. But apparently not for long because shortly after he disappeared with his friends. At this time I was getting a little bit mad because i was really seeing forward to see him again. But whatever. On the next day on msn he actually told me the exact thing like on thursday. "Oh i feel sooo bad and I'm sooo sorry but i am still too attached to Laura... bla bla bla bla bla" Now i was really fucked up and said something like "You really need to grow up boy, do you think i am a fucking barbie that you can play with me like you want to? Forget it boy - for all i care you can spend years at forgetting your ex-girlfriend but now you can forget me, too!" To sum this up i meant: "Fuck off and die!"

That was one week ago and I actually feel good now. I didn't cry a tear for this stupid asshole. I deserve better than him and as I look back now, I think he just needed an excuse for not getting into a relationship so he said that he was still attached to his girlfriend. Never ever Daniel. When we made out you didn't even look at her with your ass so why should you care. Ok I'm getting really fucked up now so I better stop.

Let's go on with last week. I was on a work experience or whatever do you say for praktikum in english. I've been in a hospital and i actually enjoyed the time there. It was a really positive experience and a step forward in my decision what I should study.

Oh my gosh ... my english is getting worse all the time... i can't even find a suiting description of how bad it is. Really need to blog more often to improve my style and everything or else I won't get my good mark in english any more.

----------- end of the not really super fast retrospective -----

I just can recommend you another great blog of someone I know over the internet. Usually her blog is in english, too but at the moment she is writing in german. >>>icy's blog <<< Check her blog out! She is a really original writer and i can absolutely understand her feelings at the moment!

This evening I'll go in the pub with a couple of my friends and on friday we're goin' to see the new Harry Potter!! Finally! I've waited so long for this. So what else can I tell you now that i got summer holidays and practically nothing happens around here? I discovered a very nice site called SchülerVZ where you can register yourself with your name and your school and can chat with other people from your school or from other schools. There are even groups you can join ( I'm in nearly 100 now ) and each group has its own forum. You can upload your pictures there, write pm's or leave a message at a friend's message board.

Oh fuck... my internet has just fucked off right now! Gosh how i hate this lame connection! It goes crazy every five minutes so i can't get anything done. At least i can write this also offline.... otherwise i would crack up! And I'm already very annoyed because I have to look up the unknown words in a dictionary instead of typing them just into dict.leo.org... what a waste of time!

Will try again to connect now... hope it works..

Oh sure... DAMN BELKIN NETWORK!!!!!!!!! I just can't get it started... I hate this damn PC and the damn network and the damn internet! So just fuck off and die!

Is it too early to eat dinner? It's because I'm really hungry right now and I'm bored so I need something to eat. I guess I'm saving this on my hard drive so I can blog it later when my internet connection works again so see you guys!

love u all

10.7.07 18:03

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