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Hey guys,

Jup, it's been a long while since my last entry, I wasn't even 17 when I wrote it. Damn i got too much stuff to do. As you can easily guess a lot has happened and I'm far too lazy to resume it all. Just a few main facts that may will surprise you.

I'm at my new school for like 9 months or so and I have to admit it's pretty cool there. And with my bus card I can go to the city whenever i want to (what I can tell you is often). I could gush like endlessly about how nice everyone is and how well everything turned out but I guess that's rather boring to you so I'll narrow it down to some stories. First of all: you really learn how to deal with absolute idiots when you have some of them in your class. I mean, they don't even realize just how stupid they are. Okay, they don't have the brains for it... I'll give them that.
I chose Maths and Biology as my subjects for the special classes.. damn that's going to be a tough year when I enter 12th grade. (of course 13th grade will be even tougher) But enough of my school...

I've stopped role play gaming for like half a year and started maybe one month ago again. It's like an addiction ... you can nothing do against it, but whatever.. I'm not planning to own as many characters as I used to.

It's really difficult to remember in like five minutes what happened to your life in nearly a year or so. I can't think of anything else important but.. well guess what - I got my driving licence!!!!! I am so happy! (try to make it sound in your head like the one guy from southpark in the episode where cartman pretends to have tourette... "If I could say ass to .... I'd be sooo happy" ) and of course I saved the surprising (i hate how that sounds.. like I did something wrong by making this decision) news for last: I'm officially going out with Daniel for half a year now. So - take a deep breath and just continue reading because I'm not going to explain further how and why. It's just like that. I know I changed my opinion about him and I think if we came together again it must be for a reason.

Everyone of my friends (well nearly everyone) has a boyfriend now - how odd. But the reason why I'm writing all this has to do with the fact that I don't have a trampoline anymore and I kinda feel "under-worked" and writing has always been a good way to calm me down and to order my thoughts. Tomorrow I'm going to have the first perfomance of my dance choreography (oh nearly forgot that.. I've joined a dance club in november) and I'm not freaking out because I can do this. (And because I remembered being over-the-top nervous didn't help me in my driving examination) So the show is going to be just fine.

A few days ago I managed to wreck my MP3-Player what a fuck, now I'm either having to go to buy myself a new one (preferably an Ipod but I'm not sure wether I do have the money) or just use my mobile phone as a music player (more probable)

This summer is going to be the best one ever (sorry for jumping from subject to subject but there is too much going on to explain everything properly like I would have done If I'd written more often). I'm going on holiday with my two best friends and the boyfriend of one of my friend's - one week on the Eastern Sea in an apartement just us. How awesome is that?!? And second I'm going to have the run of the house for two weeks in summer when my parents and my little brother will be staying on an island in the Northern Sea.. that'll be so great

It's already 1:10 am now and I should really go to bed because I had only like five hours of sleep the other night. (Happens when you read Eclipse again... Edward and Jacob are so rrrrr but alright I'll start with that later) At least I'm done for the moment with those annoying resumes of the past. Fuck the past, I'm living now and I am definitly going to enjoy it. And some wise sentence I heard somwhere: "You don't have to be yourself.. you just have to play your role well enough" who cares who I am in reality (I don't even know myself) so why don't play sometimes, it makes life really more fun you know. I think everyone should play a little to try out what it would be like to change.

I feel like making some kinda artsy thing in photoshop but I don't trust my skill at this late hour when I'm tired as hell.

Alright fuck photoshop I'm ending this entry now and am probably going to bed... maybe... if i want to..

love you (and you know you love me too)


17.5.08 01:18

new layout

Hey guys,

I just made another lay 'cause i thought the old one was rather crap. (So what do you think?)  Atm I'm getting ready for the show tonight and searching for my skirt.. 

Have fun today - whatever you're doing!

love u



17.5.08 15:36


Hey guys,

I am sooo adrenalized right now 'cause I just came back from the show I've been doing tonight.  Everything (well nearly everything) went great.

It's like you're intoxicated while you're dancing ... whoaa so amazing!!

 Anyway, I'm now officially Twilight-addicted .. I can't wait until breaking dawn is in the stores so that I can read if Bella really marries Edward.. weird I really can't think of anything else to write.. otherwise I always had something to gush about... whatever, I think that's definitly a signal for me: go to bed!

And that's what I'm doing in near future..

Love you



18.5.08 00:45

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