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Hey guys!

We've made it! At last we're done with all tests for this year! I think that is a damn good reason to party.

Well, yesterday I had dancing lessons, more precisely my best friends had dancing lessons and i went with them to dance as a guest. My dear dancing partner wasn't there which suprised me totally (he normally spends day and night at the dancing school) perhaps he was ill. If he won't be there on monday when i got my own lessons  i feel impelled to kill him.  After the dancing lessons we went to a bar called Coyote to drin a few coctails (non alcoholic of course.. damn law  .. i really wish i'd be 18).  Nonetheless it has been veerrryy funny! I talked so much the others finished their beer long long before me.. shame on me and my talking addiction.

Although i got to bed really early (i mean at 0.30 my nights do usually begin) i lay in bed until 11 a.m. Thinking wether i should go shopping or not. On the plus side is that i have enough money left from last month (i'm really surprised of myself) but on the other hand i should save my money for more important things like the italian trip the week after next week. What a dilemma. Why can't i have a million just for spending it on make-up and clothing... why? Life's not fair.

This evening there will be a live TV coverage of Rock am Ring (with 30 seconds to mars!!!!!!!!)  which i am definitely going to see. I mean who on earth wants to miss Jared Leto live on stage? He got an amazing voice. And besides there will be some other quite nice bands which i want to see... unfortenately i got no tickets for this event...

wow guess i wrote more than i wanted to^^ but anyway my english is improving. I just need to look up a few words on dict.leo ^^ hope u won't take this amiss.  Maybe in a few weeks i can write more and not this baby english^^

See u tomorrow  *blows kisses*



2.6.07 12:21


hey guys!

I'm back from my class journey to bella Italia! It has been soooooo great and extraordinary wonderful that i barely can describe this feeling. One week Italy with 50 of my classmates and people from the other 10th grade class..

 OMG I'm soo fidgety at the moment, I'm waiting for a guy to come online in Msn. Never thought i would say something like that but i totally have a crush on that guy from the other 10th grade class.

sorry that i'm writing such confused stuff at the moment but i can hardly think normally not to mention write normally.  oh my gosh i am sooo nervous... fuck!

so before i start to write more shit like that i think I'm gonna stop my entry at this point. See u tomorrow!


17.6.07 20:49

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