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first steps

yay me!

I finally made it! I've coded my first personal layout. Not that I hadn't done Blog Layouts before but I was never able to code them in a suitable way. But now everything seems to be just fine...


As you may have noticed english isn't my mother tounge. Actually I'm learning it for about six years at school now but I think I'm good enough to write a weblog in english. Additionally it will distract some of my very dear classmates to read this because they're just too lazy to translate what I've written. Haha. By the way, I want to thank especially angelcurioso and luna from easy.webdesign.de.vu because without them this outlook of my blog wouldn't have been possible. Thanks to Angelcurioso for the gorgeous picture (isn't she stunning? ) and luna for helping me with her tutorials to finally code the lay. Love u girls!


 Now.. it's time to think about my outfit for my dance lessons. (And no - not because of the boys! just because of that i like it to look good ) See you later and bye bye!



9.2.07 15:40

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