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I made it! The font color is under my command now *evil laugh* aaah i love html! (not)

The catch is that i have to learn for my spain test tomorrow. Not that i take something like a spain test seriously (i mean look at my teacher and you'll understand) but i don't like the thought of having only a three so i will willy-nilly (do you english guys really use that hoever i found it on dict.leo so it won't be completely wrong) learn the capitals of some latin amerian countrys.

Urgh.. how uncreative must mankind be to give the capital of guatemala the name "ciudad de guatemala" which means nothing more than guatemala city.. same with Mexico.. but on the plus side is that these countrys are really easy to learn. Hmm.. The capital of Peru reminds me in some way of the brazilian model Adriana Lima... how did i hit on that?

10 minutes later... still learning .. i hate spanisch... ugly language - french 4 eva! I guess I'm better posting this or else i will only write here and do not take a look at my scribbling pad...

Love u


31.5.07 22:36

new lay

hey guys

as u can see the new layout is online now. The gorgeous redhead is the model Cintia Dicker one of my all time favs. Doesn't she look wonderful in this Ed?

However I'm still having a few problems with the fonts because they refuse to change into pink .... *grr*   Anyway I won't give up until this lay is perfect.. *muha*


Love u


31.5.07 17:11


hey guys

just wanna drop in and announce that I'm currently working on a new lay. I think the old one is a bit disused  so here I go. I hope u like pink

Noo I'm not huge pink fan, especially not since i got red hairs but the colors suit the pictures...

 Love u all and see u this evening!

31.5.07 14:55

after a long time

Hey guys,

it's been a while since i've written my last entry - sorry for that but i have been so busy the last months i barely couldn't find the time to write in my role play game.

I discovered a few really nice tutorial sites on live journal. If i get it managed to code the new layout i'll share them with u. Can't believe how bored I am to write to people who will never read this, i mean, no one got the adress of this blog. Whatever, I'm very glad that none of my friends can read this because i want to keep some things private. Kindy silly to put them on the net, isn't it? But I'm one of those people who love the thought that they could tell the whole world what they think.

 I promise I'll write more often, at least in the next weeks so that i can remember my last weeks in grade 10 when i look at this again. So see you tomorrow.. or if i get even more bored.. in a few hours



30.5.07 21:06

first steps

yay me!

I finally made it! I've coded my first personal layout. Not that I hadn't done Blog Layouts before but I was never able to code them in a suitable way. But now everything seems to be just fine...


As you may have noticed english isn't my mother tounge. Actually I'm learning it for about six years at school now but I think I'm good enough to write a weblog in english. Additionally it will distract some of my very dear classmates to read this because they're just too lazy to translate what I've written. Haha. By the way, I want to thank especially angelcurioso and luna from easy.webdesign.de.vu because without them this outlook of my blog wouldn't have been possible. Thanks to Angelcurioso for the gorgeous picture (isn't she stunning? ) and luna for helping me with her tutorials to finally code the lay. Love u girls!


 Now.. it's time to think about my outfit for my dance lessons. (And no - not because of the boys! just because of that i like it to look good ) See you later and bye bye!



9.2.07 15:40

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